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We can help you improve the added value of your company.

  • SWOT Analysis / Outline targets, risks and opportunities.
  • Re-organize sales dept.
  • Evaluate and re- organize sales policy.
  • Increase sales in actual figures.
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In the modern highly competitive world, top quality businesses have to revise and modernize their procedures constantly.

The sales dept stands as the most critical part of the company which has to be staffed with top quality, well experienced professionals and develop highly efficient procedures in order to overcome growing competition. Boxmind can provide you with tailor made, high level consulting services in order to strengthen sales in existing markets and develop new such as:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Study to organize Marketing and Sales dept.
  • Sales policy plan
  • Study to evaluate, revise and improve sales policy
  • Tutorials in order to develop Sales dept staff skills and techniques.
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