Focusing on the global market.

Export and trading consultants

  • Συμβουλευτική διεθνών εξαγωγών.
  • Ανάπτυξη πωλήσεων σε Ευρώπη, Μέση & Άπω Ανατολή, Ρωσία και Αμερική.
  • Έρευνα αγοράς, κανάλια διάθεσης, επιλογή συνεργατών και διαμόρφωση προϊόντων.
  • Εξαγωγικό marketing plan.
  • E-commerce (ηλεκτρονικό εμπόριο).
  • Μελέτες σκοπιμότητας και βιωσιμότητας.
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In periods of financial crisis when liquidity is low and the capacity of the domestic market to absorb products and goods declines, the only way to safeguard growth is to take advantage of overseas markets.

Acting as consultants on exports and international trade, we offer professional business support and technical advice on export sales. We can secure for you a safe and rewarding way of developing your international growth.

Our goal is to support companies’ activities in foreign markets and help them become familiar with export trade, as well as to provide them with the necessary skills for successful penetration in these specific markets.

In Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia, America, Africa and other developing markets, we have an effective network of competent partners, who possess an in-depth knowledge of the local conditions, and have contacts with accredited companies – buyers looking for products and merchandise from our country.

Whether you are already involved in export trading, or you are now interested in opening new markets, we are able to support the exports of your business at every stage, providing a set of key services such as the following:

  • Exports Consulting: strategy planning of the entry phase, analysis of procedures and conditions, (legal, customs, transport, local particularities, etc.), depending on the target market.
  • Research analysis and Study of goods and services in demand.
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable suppliers (Purchasing Consulting).
  • Search for suitable partners and customers.
  • Market research / sector studies in countries of interest.
  • Business oversight to substantiate your entrepreneurial decision to export and create an international sales network.
  • Investigation of any potential subsidization of your export effort.
  • Information about partners and buyers for the new markets and relevant support to the sales department.
  • Detailed budgeting, reflecting the new targets.
  • Export Marketing – Development of an appropriate and effective Marketing Plan.
  • Vocational training courses on exports trade for the staff and staff recruiting methodology.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Policy implementation and evaluation and correction measures.

  • Whether you are already active in export trade, or are now interested in opening up new markets, we are able to support your business's export effort at every stage by providing a set of key services such as the following:

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